Monday, February 9, 2009

Tweeting the Inauguration. Pictures too!

I was lucky enough to be able to attend President Obama's inauguration last month, and I was using Twitter to keep track of what was going on. I'm just going to duplicate my inauguration-related tweets here, so they're better organized and easier to find for future reference. I'll put pictures where appropriate as well, but there were times where I focused on photos instead of Tweeting or vice versa.

In downtown DC, picking up our inauguration tickets. :-) :-)
6:15 PM Jan 19th from txt

So very excited. We got tickets to the swearing in ceremony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10:01 PM Jan 19th from TwitPic

En route to DC. :-D
5:14 AM Jan 20th from txt

@dannythedemon 103.5 fm reporting loooong waits on metro. I'm en route to Vienna stop myself.
5:17 AM Jan 20th from txt in reply to dannythedemon

Stuck in traffic, but definitely worth it.
5:36 AM Jan 20th from txt

Ridiculously long line for Vienna metro stop. Moving somewhat quickly at least. Hard to text with gloves.
6:49 AM Jan 20th from txt

Already on train, line moved very quickly considering.
7:16 AM Jan 20th from txt

Ashley just had the best "thats what she said."
7:28 AM Jan 20th from txt

I'm still in disbelief that this is really happening. AND WE HAVE TICKETS TO THE SEATED AREA!!!! :-D :-D
7:31 AM Jan 20th from txt

Sprint data network still working great. Twitpic... Not so much.
7:48 AM Jan 20th from txt

"sick passenger" delaying trains on inbound metro orange line. I hope nobody pukes on me. :-(
7:50 AM Jan 20th from txt

At&t being weird for Ashley. sprint is awesome as always.
8:06 AM Jan 20th from txt

I'm surprised at how friendly everyone is. It's really quite something. Still on the Metro...
8:53 AM Jan 20th from txt

Off the train, but at a standstill in the station. Oh well, we're close!
9:46 AM Jan 20th from txt

Finally in the orange ticket line. It's VERY long.
9:48 AM Jan 20th from txt

The cold isn't bad at all. Everyone still in high spirits in line.
10:01 AM Jan 20th from txt

Past security checkpoint with no problems. Making our way to the southwest standing area.
10:16 AM Jan 20th from txt

Still a long walk from orange security to the west lawn. Lots of people here. taking 2-4 tries to send each of these messages
10:27 AM Jan 20th from txt

In SW standing. So close, but can only see jumbotron. I don't care, the atmosphere here is amazing!
10:46 AM Jan 20th from txt

The crowd loves Bill Clinton.
11:18 AM Jan 20th from txt

A surprisingly calm crowd here, but I can hear cheering from natl mall.
11:37 AM Jan 20th from txt

The ceremony has begun!
11:48 AM Jan 20th from txt

That was awesome. :-)
12:37 PM Jan 20th from txt

We hopped on the Metro ASAP after Obama's speech, and beat the crowds. Almost back to Chantilly now.
1:33 PM Jan 20th from txt

EDIT: Here's an album with all of the pictures I took. Some are crappy and/or blurry, but I was too lazy to deselect the bad ones before dragging into a gallery.

We went back up to DC on the Friday following the inauguration to see the sights we couldn't because of the crowds. The pictures from that trip are here.

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