Sunday, November 23, 2008

Excellent light bulbs

For those of you not in the know, i'm VERY picky about my light bulbs. Up until today, I was using GE Reveal 50/100/150 watt three-position bulbs. They have great color; problem is, they're not the brightest bulbs around at that wattage.

Today I discovered GE Edison halogen bulbs. They cost about twice as much as Reveal, which cost about twice as much as regular bulbs. But damn, are they worth it. The color of the Edison bulbs are just as good as the Reveal, but they're much brighter and last much longer. I can use the Edison at 100 watts where i'd have the Reveal at 150 plus another 40 watt bulb to fill in. Rated life is about double that of the Reveals, too.

I'm quite happy with these.

GE Edison halogen light bulb package

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