Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mobile blood alcohol calculator

I recently purchased a Palm Centro smart phone, which I love. I was looking for a program that could calculate one's blood alcohol level, and none were free. I figured hey, I have a browser on my phone, i'm sure there's a website that'll do it... nope. Well yeah, there are, but they either look like crap or flat out don't work on my phone. Most of them are designed specifically for the iPhone.

So I ended up making my own.

My goal was to make it easy to use, fast to load, and compatible with more phones than just the iPhone. As long as your phone supports very basic Javascript, it'll be fine. This includes all Palm devices, the iPhone, most (if not all) Blackberries, Windows Mobile, and a whole bunch of smart phones by other manufacturers.

Right now it's optimized to look best on Palm devices, like the Treo and Centro (enable wide mode in Blazer and it'll look even better on these devices). It will also work on a regular ol' computer, if you're the type of person to get drunk at home.

To use it, just go to this URL on your phone:

Try it out, and if it works (or doesn't work) post a comment with the make, model, and service provider of your phone and the name of the web browser you're using (if you know that information). I'll try to fix functionality problems for specific phones, if I can find information about them on the web.

Even if it doesn't look quite right (this is how it should display), it might still work, so try plugging in some numbers before giving up. Here's a hint: plug in Male, 1 hour, 100 pounds, 1 beer, 1 wine, 1 shot. If you get 0.095, it works as it should.

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